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Hiroki Taniguchi (b. 1989) is a Japanese documentary photographer based in Tokyo. Hiroki started his photography journey in 2014 after an 8 month long international trip from China to Poland. Several months after this trip, when he was still attending university where he studied Applied Physics. In 2015, he visited Afghanistan for the first time as he learned photography from Farshad (Agence France-Presse) and Anil (Reuters), Usyan brothers. He continued to visit Afghanistan for two more consecutive years. In 2018, the work from his time there appeared in NHK World Radio Japan. In 2017, he took part in Tokyo Photographic Art Museum’s documentary workshop and shortly after that, he started his own long-term documentary work. This work which he titled, Tatsumi Apartments, reflects an aging society in Tokyo. Later on, Hiroki participated in Nikon’s portfolio review with this project and by 2019 his work had been critically acclaimed. 


Highlights: ​​

  • He started working for one of the Big 4 accounting firms as an accounting auditor. He is focusing on his own project as a documentary photographer while off as an auditor (2022).

  • ​His work has been published internationally in Vice World News, as well as NRC Handelsblad and Trouw (both based in The Netherlands).

  • He worked as a location manager for a music video titled “Tokyo” by Akalaky featuring Celeste Buckingham from Slovakia (2017).

  • He attended foreign film makers to assist their stay in Sapporo International Short Film Festival (2016).

Photo of Hiroki Taniguchi

Symkent, Kazakhstan.

Photo courtesy of Sergai Kim

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